Author: Mohammad Mahbobi

The Editorial Board of Proceedings of TRU Undergraduate Research & Innovation Conference would like to invite all students who presented poster and/or paper to the 2013 Conference to submit their works for publication. More information can be found HERE.  





TRU President and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Alan Shaver’s Talk at the 8th TRU Undergrad Research & Innovation Conference

On March 23, 2013, TRU President and Vice-Chancellor-Dr. Alan Shaver gave a talk as the 2013 Keynote Speaker during the 8th TRU Undergraduate Research & Innovation Conference held in Kamloops, British Columbia. In his talk, Dr. Shaver begins by answering questions and raising issues such as what is a University for, the convergence of teaching and research timelines, and research-informed education. During the luncheon sponsored by the School of Business and Economics, he talked about the importance and evolution of undergraduate research and lessons that can be learned from the history of innovations in Science and Arts by students of this generation.

Dr. Shaver walked the audience through the past, present, and possible future dimensions of undergraduate research. In his talk, Dr. Shaver employed some examples of scientific innovations of the past generations, and how they became part of today’s undergraduate textbooks. He even ran some hands-on experiments!

Watch the video of this talk here.