Attention Presenters!

 Here is some useful information from the Conference Committee about creating as well as printing posters as part of your presentation.



Maximum poster size is 36” x 48” (either vertical or horizontal is okay).



 You can find poster templates online – basically creating one very large PowerPoint slide. Google “Powerpoint academic poster templates,” or try specific sites such as:





 This is just one OPTION, though; students can certainly be creative and come up with their own ways to share their research, beyond templates!

There are also some good websites with academic poster design suggestions, such as:

 When creating posters be sure to think about font size and visual elements.  People should be able to read your poster from a few feet away, and without squinting. As well, posters are a visual medium, so think about how to share your information visually (charts, diagrams, photos etc.)



 Finally, when it comes time to get your posters printed, the campus Print Shop cannot handle large documents such as academic posters, so here are a few other options. Please note that the price quotes are from 2012, not this year, so expect them to have gone up a bit:

            1.      Menzies quoted $39.36 + tax for a 40″ x 40″ poster on gloss photo paper (larger than our maximum size!!) and said they would require 48 hours lead time for the job.

            2.     Universal Reproductions can usually provide same day service, and charges $1.50 per square foot, standard paper stock

            3.      Noran Printing can print up to 54″ wide on bond paper, and up to 36″ wide on satin photo paper for more vibrant colours. They didn’t indicate how much lead time is required, but their prices drop as your number of print jobs increases, so  students might want to get together for this: 40″ x 40″ (again, too big, but just for an idea…) on bond paper = $55.36 for 1 poster, $82.05 for 2, and $120.34 for 4 35″ x 35″ on satin photo paper = $50 for 1 poster, $83.86 for 2, and $123.96 for 4.

          4.       John Jacques,, 250-828-7165 (recommended by a few Science faculty)

            5.      Ask your faculty supervisor who they might suggest!

 The quality of printing is entirely up to you. There is no need to spend a huge amount of money on a glossy poster; you can if you wish to, but it is absolutely not necessary. It’s the CONTENT of your posters that’s important, not the thickness of the paper!  We will be providing cardboard backings and clips to hang all posters, which means they’ll all lay flat and hang properly, regardless of your paper stock choices.

 If you have any other questions, feel free to contact a Committee Member.